Opening Doors in Santa Clarita real estateYou Tube makes us all happy.  I have learned more from you Tube than my Sophmore Year in College.

That should mean something – but it does not, except that I have learned how to build things on YouTube that I could not have learned in my Sophmore Year in College.

That having been said, we are totally happy with the new “social media” world that has been developing since the advent of the Internet.

There is one thing that I think is going to be coming full circle though. That is the Hand shakes and hugs.  I think we are going to use Social Media to better coordinate our meetings, but those meetings are going to have to continue to take place.

There is no comparison with human to human contact in the flesh, as it were.

This is our of our Market update presentation for Santa Clarita real estate.  It’s going to show that most of our market is flat with a decline in a couple of areas.  The Surprise that shocked everyone, was that for the first time in a long time, Stevenson Ranch declined.

That was a bit of a humdinger for sure.  Be safe – search well and Let REMAX of Valencia CA know when you are ready to MOVE… We are The Paris911 Team.