We do local Santa Clarita Neighborhood reportsWe have been working hard at gathering the latest in Market Data when it comes to the Santa Clarita cities.

We have Houses, condos and town-homes covered for your viewing pleasure.

Take each of the specific ‘compiled’ reports below.

The first is going to give you the information related to the condominiums and town-homes in the Clarita Valley cities.

You will see most of the cities reflected, however, the are a couple missing because of the lacking condo/town-home type inventory therein.

Example – there just aren’t any town-homes or condo’s in Acton CA – with the exception of maybe a few, but not enough (units/activity) to enter into our Research.

You are going to see that most of our local markets are continuing their ascent into higher prices.  With the raising interest rates, we are seeing this trend slow a bit, but only time will tell if we are going to slow as far as properties entering escrow with the higher interest rates.

And if those higher interest rates are going to slow down our market and scare off the buyers looking to purchase residential real estate in our valley.

Get the reports – in the margin of this Santa Clarita housing market blog – enjoy and let us know when you are ready to MOVE…..

The Santa Clarita Housing Market Reports:

Santa Clarita Housing Market Condo and town-home update

Santa Clarita Housing Market update for Single Family Homes