This review came from a Business Owner in the Santa Clarita Valley that specializes in helping people with Divorce – Tim Blankenship is a master handler and is a true asset for those that don’t want to tie up with the expenses involved in an Attorney Assisted Divorce.

We are honored for his review of our Team.  You can Find him on…

“I have known Connor and Paris for a long time and follow their blogs to keep up to date with all that is going on in the Real Estate world in Santa Clarita.

As a local business owner that works with families going through divorce, many of my clients ask for a referral to a reputable real estate agent when they need to sell their home due to getting divorced.

I have referred numerous clients to the Paris911 team. All of my clients have been extremely satisfied with their service.

While Connor and Paris can help you with traditional sales, most of my clients are upside down on their home.  Thankfully, the Paris911 team are specialists with short sales and are able to get those difficult transactions closed.

Sometimes the divorce judgment will require the family home to be sold.  When I refer clients to Connor and Paris, I have no doubt that we will meet that requirement.”

One of the things that we love is getting referrals, however the bar is always set much higher when we accept them because we are not dependent on performing for multiple parties.

Those that did the referring and whom we were referred to.  However, I love the pressure and cannot wait to perform, exceeding the expectations of all involved.