We have been working diligently to keep those of you informed that want to keep track of the real estate market in the Valencia CA and Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Today we have finished out Video Report that we have hosted on our SCVmoves YouTube channel.

We covered three independent markets.

    • The Single Family Residences for the Santa Clarita Valley cities

Updated Santa Clarita housing market reports

  • The Condo and Townhome reports for the SCV
  • Beverly Hills condo, townhome and single family residence update

Within the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we have seen the “flatness” continuing within most all of the local real estate markets.

The housing market in the local Santa Clarita Valley cities is experiencing a slow down of sorts.  This is typical this time of year and is nothing to be concerned about.

Most of the real estate buyers, or at least a large portion, are going to sit on the sidelines during the holidays.  Keeping their kin closer than usual.  “tis the season”…

However, we remind sellers that are currently on the market, that they are less likely to have “tire kickers” come through their homes.  Most of the buyers in the current market are very serious or don’t care for holidays much.

Enjoy our Santa Clarita Housing Market reports. We hope they serve you well as they do us when we are speaking about the REMAX of Valencia CA Paris911 Team being market experts.

Santa Clarita Valley Cities – Condo and townhome market reports

Santa Clarita Valley Cities – Single Family home market reports