We have just concluded our Santa Clarita real estate housing market updates and have determined that the local Markets in the Santa Clarita Valley cities have flattened out. They are stagnant. They are not moving. Actually, they are moving a bit – more factually, they are moving quite well. It's the Prices that have pancaked out.

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We have reached our typical seasonal slowdown. We have also seen the “investor” pull back we experienced late July to August 2013 start to have an impact on our market due to the increase in “days on market” within most of the residential real estate venue.

Today the investors are still “pulled back”, however, this is the day for the owner occupant buyers to thrive and take advantage of what they can with regard to low interest rates and the owners feeling the investor pull back.

Some want to buy a home for less than it's worth. This is not that market. That market had it's hayday between 2007 and through parts of 2010. Today, with the current buyer competition, you are going to be paying what homes are worth and no less.

It's going to take getting more and more inventory on the market for sale and the sellers willing to cut profits.

If the sellers are moving up and are getting a “deal” on the home they are buying, they may make certain “pricing” allowances on their end with their buyer.

The complexities of the real estate market is why we mandate our Real Estate buyers meet with us in our offices to cover the current market via our “real estate briefing”. Paris911.com/Briefing

When you are ready, reach out to us and please enjoy our Santa Clarita real estate housing market update presentation that we have posted on our Paris911.com/Youtube