Today marks the 150th real estate radio show for the Santa Clarita Valley. During our “once upon a time in real estate” segment – we discussed the per diem clauses and what issues that you need to be aware of before signing such an agreement.

Also – remember this – as mentioned on our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show – make sure you verify in writing, what you discussed with all parties within a real estate transaction.

In the show this applies to the lender who told you that they are going to be able to close by a certain date – avoiding the agreed upon “per diem” clause that was signed.

Santa Clarita real estate marketDuring our tenure in the real estate consultation and protection services, we have seen that most of our clients enter the process more equipped than others looking to perform the same activity in real estate.

Our buyers are prepped as to how the market is. What types of buyer will they be competing with and how to “better their average” when having us write offers.

For our real estate buyers, we also gather information related to the lenders they are working with. Whether a lender we refer them to or one they bring to the table, it is paramount that we give them the right questions to ask said lender to protect them in the loan process. Resource:

During our Once Upon A Time in Real Estate we got into what it means when the real estate seller is countering you with a per diem regarding their home purchase.

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Let my team and I know when you are ready to move and we will be there for you as we have been for some many others that are of the “real estate interested”!