We have been working within the local Real Estate data only to discover some similarities from Santa Clarita city to city.

We also have noticed that other cities in the states are showing similar patterns with regard to their local real estate markets.

On Google plus, I am in touch with over 10,000 realtors from other parts of the country due to me being a Moderator of one Santa Clarita real estate market updateof the largest Real Estate communities on G+.

Their buyers and sellers have also slowed down from their home hunting.  Most are wanting to dig in for the holidays and spend the time with their families or with themselves without wanting to continue the hunt.

Next year, mark my words, there will be a pick up from a Buyers Standpoint with regard to home hunting.

This will occur within the Santa Clarita Valley cities and in the Rest of the country.

We have seen this trend time and time again with our experience and having been working as licensed Realtors since 1998.

Below are two videos.  Both have been hosted on YouTube, they will cover the condo and townhome markets and also the Single Family Residential markets.

Check out the PDF’s, below the Santa Clarita real estate market videos, that contain the “secrets” of the current real estate markets in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, including dissertations about the current SCV housing market conditions.

Reach out to my REMAX of Valencia Paris911 Team of Realtors when you are ready and we will be there to represent you to our fullest abilities.

Santa Clarita Single Family Housing update

Santa Clarita Valley condo and townhome update

Condo and townhome market reports Santa Clarita Valley Cities

Single Family home market reports Santa Clarita Valley Cities