Some people don’t want to tie up with anyone over the phone, let alone in person.

I love talking to people on the phone and in person. However, I get it. I was an LAPD cop that was very “visible” within the public view when I served.

I also taught several different courses to one of the most “critical” audiences ever – those of LAPD and Cops from other Law Enforcement Organizations.

Something that you should know about teaching police officers dynamic courses – you have to be able to actually “do it” in front as an example to the class.

Breaking it down slow, then doing it at full speed.  Think about teaching a malfunction drill with a Glock weapon system.  When the weapon malfunctions, what do you do? Do you give up? Or do you fix it and keep fighting?

Case and point – You fix it because if you don’t you will die!

So, we taught that as instructors and had to perform it flawlessly.

Some of our Millennial clients and others don’t want to talk with a real estate agent. They want to text and get information in that manner. They want to ask questions over text and then get the appropriate responses.

We have that and get that! You can text our REMAX of Santa Clarita Realtors easily. Send a SMS text message to our Committed Text Number for Real Estate at 661.513.4620

661-513-4620 Text REMAX of Santa Clarita

We have information for the masses and make it easy to obtain. I’m Connor MacIvor – please make sure you listen to our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show and I’m happy to be of service.