There are so many advantages of buying real estate from a strategic and Tactical Sense. This is our Tactical Tuesdays radio show and today we are going to discuss how to buy a home with less money.

Tactical Tuesdays real estate and housingThis is not a “sure thing”, like betting on the horses 🙂 – but it has worked from time to time.

At least it gives a real estate seller the “human component” when it comes to the offers that are being presented.

My Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA had a dealing on a Valencia CA home where the seller chose our buyers offer over the other offers that were presented. Ours had “less than desirable” financing and was $2500.00 less.

That was not the first time we have seen this Tactic work with the real estate sellers in the housing market.

Some of the real estate sellers love their neighbors. They are moving out of necessity and not out of choice.

They want those moving in to their home to carry the torch, if you will, to be good neighbors and to mesh and bond with their neighbors, whom they call friends.

Enjoy our latest Santa Clarita real estate market tip and we look forward to serving you and your real estate needs when you are ready.

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