All of the cities within Los Angeles County are serviced by The Paris911 Team Relocation model that has adopted the RE/MAX Relocation ways.  We have made “Real Estate Search” something that you can be proud of.

If you are thinking of moving your business – we have a great commercial agent with RE/MAX that is our Brother of Sorts.  Within Real Estate Friends are not common because it is always about competition.  But in the case of this Fantastic Commercial Agent and our Business Code – We are about the relationship. 

If you are wanting to move your business to a commercial venue in Southern California – then we can handle the relocation of you – and for your family if they are, and are to be with you.  (the previous must be clarified – we move a lot of single businessmen and women without families – I just don’t want to offend 🙂

But for the Commercial Relocation – our contact will assist with that part.

We coordinate each per your desire and make everything go as smoothly as possible. 

Here is a good swath of what is available within the community in which we handle Relocation.  Enjoy and for more complete Relocation Information – We can assist you.

There are move – Please feel free to contact us – I have also included a few of the MLS based Rentals.  We are not property managers nor do we get involved in the “property management” of real estate – However, we do have the contacts that do a GREAT job at assisting Renters and Landlord in hunting the Qualified Rental subject or Tenant.