Most cities in the United States have the majority of their open houses hosted on Sunday’s. That way, between 12 and 4pm, the Buyers of the world can drive around the city and within the neighborhood they like and visit without “being pressured or tracked” so they think 🙂 50% off homes by HUD

When viewing open houses – there are going to be several questions a truly “Savvy Real Estate buyer” will want to ask themselves and possibly the agent hosting the home open.

– Is this home really for sale? (believe it or not, some open houses are not for sale – they may be in escrow – they may be TESTS to build the Hosting Agent’s Database)

– Is the listing agent the one hosting this home open? (Not that this matters – you should always get your own real estate representative to be on your side alone, but it may be another agent that is not affiliated with the listing office)

– Am I required to sign in at the open houses I am visiting? (seems like a violation of the “privacy act” – but some agents convince their sellers to have everyone sign in. Penalty of not signing in? – Not being allowed to view the Open House.)

These three questions with their explanations will keep you safer than most that venture out to Open Houses not knowing the Potential for Games.

Not all real estate agents play these games. Not all Santa Clarita real estate agents are fans of the “Hold Do not Show” methods. Most are on the up and up. The way you can ensure if the open house you are visiting is really for sale and active within the multiple listing service is to visit SantaClaritaOpenHouses dot com. I will link to that resource and the article to our Hold Do Not Show news story. You can visit that site from your mobile device, before you venture inside of the open house – If you are seeing that home you are going to enter, on the Paris911 Multiple Listing System at Santa Clarita Open Houses dot com – then it is for sale!!!

Click for the Hold do not show story
Here is the link to our Santa Clairta Open House website for Searching