new santa clarita homesThe new home agents are quite good at what they do. You see all of the signs leading you to the new model homes, you enter through the door and when you do you are greeted in this way.

“Hello, I’m Mitch here is some information about our “Award Winning” Construction that people are falling in love with…”

“Enjoy the model homes, they are just through that door, I’ll meet with you privately when you are finished viewing…”

Just like that, our New Home Agent Mitch was “assuming the sale…”

I’m thinking, “do people walk on the lot that don’t want to buy?  Maybe this couple was just curious. Does curiosity really kill the cat?”

Believe it or not, that approach, works about 70% of the time.

Their method is to get you on their list. However, this tactic that you will encounter, limits your real estate representation options.  

After you “register” or give up your name in any way, you will be entered into a database and if you wanted to have your own realtor in your corner throughout the sale, including during negotiation, at no cost nor at any sacrifice of any kind, you would not be allowed.

Here is what happened recently.

At one of the new home builder sites in Santa Clarita, I was sitting with a client of mine. We formulated a “game plan” over the phone and completed it in the parking lot.

My mission was to represent my client in the submitting of an offer $30,000 less than the price of home was being sold for.

The look on the New Home Builder agent’s face was priceless when I made my pitch.

My client, as we agreed, sat without movement and without facial expression.

The agent said, “Oh, they won’t accept that, what are you basing your opinion on…”

So I layed it out, as it was part of the plan…

He then said, “Well, those things may be so, but they won’t budge from their listing price, we have sold 4 this week…”

The salesman continued, “It will be a waste of time and an exercise in futility…”

I then asked politely, “Just so I’m clear, are you telling me that you will not make this offer on my clients behalf to the powers that be at (insert name of builder)?”

He responded, “Oh my no – I have to submit it, it’s just that it will be a waste of your and (insert name of client)’s time, they don’t reduce off of listing price, ever!”

I explained that I don’t mind exercises in futility and that I’d still like him to submit the offer in any case.

In record time 2.5 hours later, I received a phone call that the builder had reached their “last and final” counter.

BTW, before the new home agent “got into it”, he said, “Well, I have never seen them do this before…”

The client accepted and is on his way to owning a new home in the SCV.

Point being, it’s nice having someone on your side when dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Someone that has been there and done that.

Let me know when you are ready for a new home tour, I promise to make it entertaining 🙂