"Your foundation is everything."  A key component is how a person is standing, if you are fanning your feet angled to your sides 180 degrees, you will easily fall over.  You want to distribute your weight about 50/50 on both your front and rear legs (if shooting Weaver).  There are a few schools of thought as what is better, legs shoulder width apart, or support leg forward, and primary to the rear a bit.

The point is that the stance or your foundation is something that is very important.  If your foundation is not true, practiced and cured, it will begin to unravel, crack and fall apart.  So it is best, to be prepared and work at a steady pace to ensure that your on solid ground before you start to move upward.

I have seen folks come into the business like a bullet.  They were suddenly extremely high in the rankings, they did not bother curing their foundations, they were building on sand, and after a short time, were unable to keep up with that pace and while pray-in’ and spray-in, fell out of the business via burn-out.  You may of heard that the slow blade wins, maybe not, but taking your time and working by a plan is very necessary to curing your foundation.

Standing on a surface that is made of thin glass is something that lacks stability.  But if you practice your stance and ground yourself with knowledge and patience, you can stand and deliver no matter what you are upon.  Your stance if much more than standing, you may be lying down along side a curb, using that for cover, you maybe seated inside of a car, on a motor cycle, very rarely are we squared off in the scenario that we get delivered during qualification, paper target, turning on an axis, directly in front, a dream for sure.

Belief system, family, health, fitness, clothing, personal grooming, and equipment are all ingredients of your foundation.  Being able to use the tools that you have been given, ability to speak, respond, and listen are all things that only get better with practice.

You have to be able to bend, modify, adapt, overcome and change direction if need be.  To allow yourself to do these things will solidify your position in your business and with your clients on a different level.

Part III Soon.