As you can see, the sold real estate listings that have closed during the past 7 days in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, are numbering 45 residental listings.

That is how many have closed escrow and you will notice one interesting thing by looking at the photo below:

If you look at the arrows in the fourth column over from the left, you will see a majority of them pointing down and in a red color.

This arrow denotes An increase or decrease from the list price. No arrow, the property sold for the listing price and closed at the same. We monitor the local real estate that is selling in the Santa Clarita Valley – during this last 7 days, a majority of the “Sold listings” have been reduced and selling for less than the listing price.

According to this data, this means that sellers of Santa Clarita real estate, not all, but a majority for sure, are accepting offers for less than the original price that they are placing their homes onto the market for.

You will also note that loans are still closing in the same amount of time as they had been over the past few months. Typical times from opening of escrow to closing are:

FHA Loans – 30-45 days

Conventional Loans – 30 days

Cash Deals – 0-15 days

VA loans – 45-60 days

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Enjoy our Sold Saturday Report for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities – be safe – talk soon and reach out to my Paris911 Realty Team.