We just posted our real estate intel reports at our Top Housing News Website.

Before we were in real estate, I was a cop and Paris was a waitress.

I have tried dressing up our previous professions.  For example I was thinking we could say that Paris was involved in the Foodservice Industry.  Catchy – but not transparent.

She waited on tables, Bakers Square, Marie Callender’s, Chin Chin in Sunset, I think she worked at McDonalds when she was 16 for a time.

Back to me – Correctional officer at 18 through 21 – LAPD 21 through 44 – Overlapping Full time LAPD with Real Estate (1998 to present).

What does this mean? What do you want it to mean?  To me it means that we had some life experience when it came to service.  We had a horrible experience when we bought our first home. I vowed it would never happen again.