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It Pays BIG to have your own representative on your side when you approach any of the New Home Builders in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Hopefully, you have found this before you entered the new housing tract or office on your own.

Representing buyers at new housing centersMake sure you don’t sign any paperwork when visiting.

A Better and more Strategic approach is to have me, with you and for me to, register you personally.  This Rule applies to all of the New Home Builders in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The reason for “not signing any paperwork when visiting with me” has to do with me, being locked out if you do and, me not being able to represent you with your purchase of new housing.

What is my representation worth?  The most recent event was the following:

We had a client in Porter Ranch which I was able to secure a 50K discount from the home price, 17K in upgrades and I was able to have all of her closing costs covered by the builder.

I know for a fact this would not have been done if I weren’t representing her.  In fact, in this case, the new home center representative was only able to reduce the sales price $2500.00, Not $50,000.00!

Look at it this way.  When there is a monopoly, it is hard to get a good deal.  If agents, other than those at the new housing centers, did not have buyers for new homes, then that monopoly would exist for sure.  However, the new housing builders know that we have a HUGE buyer database – they want us to bring our buyers to new housing centers, so they reward our buyers and us, when we do!!!

How it works.  We meet at my office, we find out what you are looking for and we get out and tour all of the New Housing Centers that have properties for sale that conform to your criteria.

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