Picking up the Pieces

Real Estate has been the best bet since people, back in the day, had started to sell real property. Nothing has changed, it only happens that we are now going through a bad patch.

With the economy tanking – people are resorting to some very dramatic ways in their marketing.

A single example when it comes to The short sale process – is they are advertising that they will, “Do Your Short Sale for FREE!” The thing that I get a kick out of is the fact that is should be FREE. In fact, the bank is the one that pays our commission and the commission of the agent on the other side of the transaction.

So to SCREAM and WRITE “I will Short Sale your home for FREE”. Is a bit silly. But maybe not as silly as I might have thought. I remember a lot of clients in my offices that told me that they had met with other agents, before coming to the Paris911 team, some of which informed them that there would be a flat up front fee to have a short sale negotiated. A Listing Fee, if you will.

They explained to those clients that became ours, this was a necessary part of doing business and they needed to be compensated if the short sale did not go through – for the time they had invested.

I am from the school of thought – you have already been through enough – If the bank will not approve your short sale – then so be it, I want to walk away friends so you will refer me to everyone you know, without having my hand in your pocket. That is the REAL payoff – REFERRALS!

Far be it from me to go on and on – But I will for just a second longer – Make sure your friends are being told to seek other professional advice and not just to take the agents word for “Gospel”. Also ensure they are CDPE – Certified Distressed Property Experts – this assists with the Short Sale Process more than you may think.


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