I’m not jumping on the Band Wagon and saying silly things – but I do want to drive home a point.

Short Sales are FREE – They should not cost you, the distressed homeowner, a dime.  All of the Negotiation, Advertising, marketing, watching, sweating and tears are all covered by your bank if they approve the short sale.  Will they approve it?  Depends – but the only way to know for sure is to have a crack team of Certified Short Sale Experts on your side.

If and when the bank says that they will not approve your Home as qualifying as a Short Sale – the next step, when you are working as one of the Exclusive Clients of the Paris911 team, is  that you get to cancel your contract.  There is nothing due, nothing further, nothing in the future – NADA, ZILCH – Etc….

Hours of work for nothing?  Absolutely not – You are not NOTHING.  You are someone that might tell someone how great we did in our attempt to get your bank to approve your home for a short sale.  That is where the real pay off is, “isn’t it?”  Referrals are priceless and our Clients are held in the highest regard by our team.

Be Safe and let me know if you liked our Short sale site.

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