As Paris says, “An ego in Real Estate can kill a career…”  I have to agree, however I have seen some of the “very new” licensee’s, who’s ink in their licenses is not dry, have some of the biggest ego’s you can imagine.

Paris and I were speaking last night and we think it starts at the first passing of the State Exam.  I don’t know how the notification mechanism works when you pass the state exam – but somehow and someway, your mail box gets filled with job offers from Real Estate companies.  They come as close to telling you they are the best and you are better. They spin tales of being rich, fancy cars, vacations, travel, great office conditions and the potentiality of making Gobs of Money.

When 50% of those that take the California State Real Estate Exam don’t pass – I suppose it is something special to be a Real Estate Licensee – but it is not Curing Cancer. We are not saving the world from terrorism or curing world hunger.  We are selling houses, we are representing clients, we are earning a living and The Worlds View of Real Estate Agents is Horrible.

Snake charmers, charlatans, car salesmen(no offence), high pressure, lacking in ethical prowess, sharks, these are are just a few terms that I have heard applied to those in our line of business.  As much as I want to run to the aid of those in my chosen profession, I have to admit, I have run into those that fit those titles quite well.  In fact, Paris is the most impressive and shrewd negotiator that I have ever met. Shrewed, crafty and precise – But not with our Clients…  We have had many clients that have realized this.  However, I have never heard it said better than, “I am just glad Paris was on our side and not on the other’s side…”

Let me give you a bit of foundation with who I have met.  I was not always in sales – at least not commission based sales.  I was a PD regular for 17 years – I still remain a Reserve Officer Today – I teach firearms. Unlike the saying goes, “Those that cannot do… Teach”. In the Firearms and Tactics unit – we have to be able to “do”. Some of the recruits come from other law enforcement agencies as “laterals”. From time to time we run into recruits that had been special forces, Forced Recon, Seals, Rangers, Delta, Scout Snipers, FBI, CIA, DOE, and instructors of those “special individuals”…

During my stent, I have met some really “fancy” people – As a police instructor that teaches a craft like shooting, there comes a time when the class is gathered around and you have to perform.  You have 50+ eyes on you, including other instructors that are not forgiving of mistakes, some from the backgrounds I just mentioned, and you have to clean the scenario.  Not only do you have to teach it component by component – but you have to perform it “live” better than anyone could possibly do it from the Recruit Ranks.

I have also met some from life that could talk anyone to jail.  When we had some that seemed to fight at every radio call or observational arrest scenario.  Some that I have met seemed to have a gift of getting their way.  Law Enforcement sales officers? You bet – In fact, I think they could and should be categorized into a “league of their own”.

The difference in “negotiation” has to do where it is applied.  Paris’ skillful negotiation set is not being applied by Paris to those that use and trust us to serve them in real estate. It is masterfully being applied to those that are on the other side of the negotiation table in Real Estate.

  • Selling the other agent on “best” scenario for our clients.
  • Selling the Bank on accepting less than their asking price on a Foreclosure for our clients.
  • Selling the Lender on reducing the interest rate or fee’s concerning our clients loan.
  • Selling the other agent on having their buyer sign a document that gives our seller an upper hand.

There are so many scenarios that can be talked about demonstrating the “Negotiator traits” of Paris – they would be fitting for a post all of their own.

Real Estate by Building not tearing downHave you watched or interacted with a professional body builder?  In real life or on TV?  Here is a fact, Steroids or not – Natural or chemical – any “advantage” will only take a person so far. If I wanted to be a body builder and wanted to sit on the couch watching TV 24/7 – but started using Steroids – After 6 months to 1 year, I would not have any more muscle than when I started.  I am sure I would have gained a HUGE amount of weight.  But the apparent advantage of Steroids did not help me achieve my goal did it?

Body Builders that compete on stage put Hundreds upon Hundreds of hours of work on their bodies.  They grunt, pull, push, strain, tear, heal, diet, tan, purge, lift, rest, sleep, deprive, and condition themselves in very confining ways to achieve their goal. There is no easy road to having a body that is 1.5-3% body fat and carrying 60-100 pounds of lean, straited and ripped muscle.

How do they look during Non-Contest Season?  Nothing like they do during Contest Day.  In fact, you might not recognize them if you were to see them a single month after winning the Mr. / Mrs. Olympia – Universe.  They are resting, rehabilitating and preparing for the next show.  On the day of the event they are exhausted – On stage they get a second wind from both barrels of their emotional drive.

In a down market, as we have in real estate, it is necessary to have some “off season time”.  Just like the Body Builder, we need to be

  • preparing
  • calling
  • knocking
  • building
  • contacting
  • learning
  • developing
  • growing

We should be approaching our business as seriously as the pro athlete.  We should not be the reason someone else in the industry falls.  We should be there to empower and built up.  Tearing down is easy – it is the building up that takes work.

Life would be much easier on all involved if we were to take a moment to see how we are different and embrace those things that make all of us unique from each other, don’t  you think?  If you enjoyed reading this post – Please re-tweet or FB like – Comment at Will, thank you ahead of time for making it to the end 🙂