Where have you been all of my life.  Some people are born with the motivation that is beyond their years.  Some need to be told when to arise and when to go to bed.  Most of the people in this world are somewhere in the middle.

I have been blessed to have worked with some Public Servants that were extremely gifted, some brilliant on the Trigger.  Some had sense that went beyond the street.  Some were the most compassionate people that God has graced this planet with.

Breaking stride after 17 years as a LAPD regular – it has been quite an eventful 2 years so far.  I still remained a Reserve Officer with the LAPD and am blessed to see my friends and partners that I grew with over those 17 years.  It is still a stretch for some to wrap their mind around why I quit after 17 years when I could have waited 3 more and received a Pension. 

Here is some food for thought.  I had been working part time in real estate for 8 years at the point I resigned.  Paris had been full time for at least that long.  I would have need to wait for 10 years after I retired to collect anything in the way of a pension.  I have three years to go back, but I would have to start over.  The most interesting thing is how differently I look at things now.  My motivations have changed from protecting the public trust to protecting their Real Estate Needs and Desires.

I cannot thank the Men and Women that I had served with from a multitude of Police and Fire Agencies.  I hope the Grace of God blesses you beyond your imagination.  I will see you when your needs are to be fulfilled with regard to Real Estate in the Santa Clarita Valley and Beyond in Southern California.