Selling real estate is what we doOne of the most important things that we advise our sellers of is having their home in the best possible shape for every single buyer that maybe interested in viewing it.

find out: What is my home worth?

This starts with the presentation from “first glance”, which most call “curb appeal”, from that point on everything should be presenting in the way in which buyers today are wanting to see homes.

Competition is everything. For example: If you are in a foreclosure and primarily bank owned market, and if those banks do nothing but change the locks and list the home for sale, you maybe in better shape than you thought by not getting your home fit to sell.

However, if your competition is fit to sell, then you are going to have to be fitter than they are. That is if you want to compete at their level with them.

Enjoy our Fit to Sell real estate series and make sure you let us know when you are ready for our walk through of your home to see what other areas we are able to offer our expertise about!

You may want to see some of the “online mistakes” that seller make!

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I’m Connor MacIvor with The Paris911 Team at REMAX and SCVnest!