Making homes stand out in Santa Clarita ValleyI have to be real for a moment – coming in after another real estate agent has been working with a real estate seller is weird.

Weird in the way that, until we hear the sellers/buyers “why” pertaining to their firing of, the questions abound.

How did they screw this up? Were they dishonest? What actually happened?

In this case, the agent had “lost interest”. When someone is depending on you to get a job done for them, you should never “lose interest” as the service provider. If you do, then it is time to re-think your career choice.

The Review of Paris911:

Selling a house in this market is really hard.  Expectations don’t always match the reality of the situation.  Compound that with the emotions of the counter intuitive act of staging your home to perfection for the goal of handing it over to a stranger, this can be a very complicated season of life.  

We entered into this process with Paris and Connor already weary and worn from a market that was unfavorable and a previous agent who was had lost interest in selling our home.  

We needed recalibration to right expectations using every means available to get our home sold.  But we also needed sensitivity to our fears, concerns and frustration.  

What a team!  Paris911 carefully listened, assessed our situation and then designed a strategy to get the job done.  They were available each time we had a question or needed a concern addressed.  They creatively found avenues to market our home beyond the conventional realtor.  

They understood how to balance the emotions of the situation and the logistics of getting it sold and were ready to speak hard truth in a gentle way.  We were so well taken care of throughout the process.  

We are so grateful to have been placed in the professional and capable hands of this team and highly recommend anyone who needs to sell or buy a house to them.  

Thank you, Paris and Connor, for walking us through this process and doing it with the utmost care and skill.

Sandra and Dan W.

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