Selling a Santa Clarita home while living in itSelling a home, or trying to sell a home, whether in the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere, still living in it as a family is not without its challenges. One of the primary responsibilities of a home seller is to keep a home presentable, which means clean, neat and organized so that at any given minute a potential buyer can come in and view your home at its best. Talk about stress.

Anyone with children has experienced toys taking over his home at some point. Even small babies, unable to move, somehow amass a trove of toys, books, play mats and more, quickly taking up valuable living room space. When trying to sell your home, dealing with these toys is of the essence.

The best plan of attack when dealing with a family’s vast amount of “stuff” is to pack away unneeded items. These items can be stored and appreciated that much more when unpacked in a new home. While this is clearly a much easier task for adults, its is a great way for the entire family to be involved.

As for toys that cannot be abandoned for any length of time, storage baskets could turn out to be a home seller’s best friend. If a showing has just been announced simply throw all toys in baskets which can be neatly parked along a bedroom wall, in a closet, or in the garage. An easy alternative is the best way to avoid stress when showing your home.

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