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When a real estate seller is home during a buyer's visit, all things may not go according to plan

Instead of the transaction remaining “non personal” – it will now become personal.

Even if you are the “nicest seller” in the real estate world, you maybe one of those that may “turn off” their buyer

Maybe it was the way you stood, spoke or had your hair configured on that day, but whatever it was – it did not help.

Then there is that “negotiating” thing that we educate our buyers about when they encounter a real estate seller.

“You mean you tell your buyers they have an advantage when another agent's real estate seller is home during the viewing?”

“Absolutely Yes!!!”

As a licensed real estate agent I am very limited by my relationship in the real estate transaction. If it is not my seller, and the seller is under contract with another Realtor, I can ask very few things.

I cannot get into things like, “Discounts, Urgency, Promotions and Bonuses…”

But a real estate buyer, who is not licensed in real estate, is able to ask whatever they want.

Most agents educate their clients in this manner.

When it comes to educating the real estate sellers, “We want them not to be around when buyers are viewing their home…” “It's not that we want them to hide anything, we just want it to come in written form on the disclosures…” From our experience, it saves heartache and Misunderstanings…

For the sellers that “have to be home” when buyers are viewing. You are bound, even if you are the nicest person in the world, to create discomfort in the real estate buyer and a unnecessary feeling of pressure.

It has been asked to me by many a real estate buyer in a nervous way, “Is anyone going to be home?” – “I feel uncomfortable when the sellers are home and I'm looking at their things, kinda of strange…”

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