Santa Clarita Valley and the areas that surround it are all part of One Multiple Listing Service for the most part.  Unless you are looking into Ventura County or Antelope Valley Those Boards of Realtors do not communicate, The Santa Clarita Area is housed in one Local Board.  That means that every property listed for sale is in that Board.  The best way to access that is to have an agent do the search for you – However, this is not the only way.  If you are looking to conduct searches like us agents do you need a trusted way in.  May I suggest our ListingBook resource.

I have attached a PDF here:  buyer-brochure-print , that lays out how this works and how it is superior to other web based options when you are wanting to conduct real estate searches in the Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and the surrounding communities.  This is something that everyone needs to check into and give me your feedback as to its performance.  It is a real true guide to what is for sale in and around the area that it serves.

There are a few entrance points – is one of the ways that will give you access and have this resource on  your browser in no time.

You will be able to see all properties for sale and search just like Real Estate Agents do for homes – With that having been said, please enjoy this free resource and let me know if we can help you further in your hunt for Real Estate.

We utilize the Listing Book Promotions on the homes we have on the market for sale as well.  It is a fantastic tool for us and for us and for our sellers.  No matter whether the sellers we have are the banks for private folks.  It works very well.

I am Connor MacIVOR – and do not get fooled into paying for lists of foreclosures or other distressed properties.  Those are housed in the very same way that regular homes for sale are – The banks do not want to leave out any possibility of having their asset sell at market value or a bit above.  So they do not want to cut out any agent from possibly having a buyer for that asset – Therefore, every foreclosure and reo is listed on the Local MLS the only difficulty is finding them – that is where ListngBook is key.