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Top Real Estate search for homesDuring the past several years, we have been wanting to keep our real estate searches up to date.

With all of the mess online when others search real estate with other search systems, it’s a wonder more people are not staying away from those Real Estate syndication websites.

The reason is that those systems sell a “real estate searcher’s” personal and private information to agents.  Sometimes, a lot of real estate agents receive your personal information in the form of leads.

The thing that some agents don’t realize, is that those leads are not exclusively theirs. They go to several different real estate agents. Imagine this, you are calling a prospective lead, to help them, only to get hung up on because 7 other realtors just called.

Imagine, as a consumer getting 8 phone calls from real estate agents wanting to “help you” with your real estate inquiry.

Enjoy the search – click on the green disks to see more real estate intel. Make sure you explore the “areas” tab if you are one of those that want to search for real estate by boundaries and neighborhoods.

If you have been wanting to search for Santa Clarita or Greater Los Angeles real estate by school boundaries.