Are you sitting down?  Probably not that much of a big deal for you to be needing to sit down – but I need you to scan this image if you are wanting to search from your Mobile phone.  We have gone Mobile, way before it is the “thing to do”, at least in a lot of people’s eyes.

Relocation Santa Clarita Search QRThis platform will give you intel about Real Estate from all of Southern California – Including where we are Head Quartered, in the Santa Clarita Valley.  The Data is updated hourly – which will ensure you not to miss a beat when it comes to viewing the newest Real Estate Listings.

I have also placed the “most recent in the Santa Clarita Valley” as a tab on this Paris911 Mobile Search platform.

Global Positioning Systems (gps) that are within your phone work with our system very well.  If you are driving through a neighborhood and want to see what the homes cost and which ones are for sale without signs – scan the QR code on this page.  Once you scan, you can bookmark the page within your phone and call upon it at a later date.

Here are a few more things that this system will assist you with when driving through neighborhoods:

  • See the homes that are for sale that do not have signs posted.
  • Check if the open house you are visiting is really for sale, versus being just a gimmick to get buyer leads.
  • Find out more information about a specific listings that is on the market, time on the market sales price, bedrooms and bathrooms, and more.

We have several of our REMAX Relocation Clients that are renting currently in the Santa Clarita Valley, that use this Mobile Search for Real Estate system often.  While at home they scan the adjoining neighborhoods for listings that are new and that have been placed on the market for sale.

Be Safe and let us know how we can help you.