Free real estate and home evaluationWhen it comes to real estate searching, we have the same thing to say about it as we always do. Make sure you are searching on a local Multiple Listing Enabled search system.

Stay away from those websites that are selling, trading or giving away your personal and private information to those willing to pay for it.

Find a local real estate agent or team and schedule a consultation appointment with them in their real estate offices.

If you are not comfortable meeting with them in their offices, met them somewhere else.  Just make sure you do meet with the agent that you may be wanting to hire.

You will then be able to size them up to see if they are going to be a good fit for your real estate needs. Plus, you will then be able to see if they are of the “snake oil salesmen” type, or if they are going to work in your best interests.

One of the things that we believe in is the power of the REMAX Brand. There are rules that are in place with REMAX that you may not find with agents from other brokerages. The more important thing, above having rules, is the ability of a brokerage to enforce those rules.

It’s nice not dealing with a bunch of Hungry Cowboys that will do whatever it takes to get a commission check. 

We chose REMAX of Santa Clarita CA for a reason. We deemed, from our LAPD and Law Enforcement backgrounds, they were the best choice for our clients and ourselves.

Be safe – enjoy the real estate presentation on how to Search for Santa Clarita real estate like a boss. Let us know when you are ready to move and we will be of great assistance.