Santa Clarita Open housesWhen it comes to searching for homes that are for sale, the tried and true love driving around on weekends, and even on weekdays, visiting open houses.

Heck, you don’t really need to do anything at all, no research, no internet surfing, no newspaper browsing – Just drive.

However, with the method of “just driving” and looking for open house signs in an area you like, you are putting yourself at risk.

No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, unless at gun or knife point.  And even that has a limit to it!

First – You don’t know if the home being held open is really for sale!  (WHAT???  Yup, some real estate sales people host open houses at homes that are in escrow. Some real estate agents host homes open that are not even on the market for sale, as a test to secure the listing from the seller.)

Second – Pricing – comparables – variables. (there is no way of knowing if you are walking into a home that is 100k over your price range. After viewing such a home, it’s hard to come back from that.)

Third – Representation – Agent – Realtor. (You are not represented at the time you are viewing the open house. You are DIY’ing it. However, as in a court case, you want your very own attorney on your side – The same applies to a Real Estate agent)

Open House Tip – Be careful giving up your personal information, name, email and phone numbers should be protected at all times.

Open House Resources – Santa Clarita Open Houses dot com

We built this system so our clients would be able to use their mobile devices, while not driving :), to surf for the open houses that are within particular neighborhoods. You will see multiple photos, prices and the various amenities each open house has. This is also a great system to make sure the open house you are walking into is really for sale!

Let my REMAX of Valencia CA Realtor Team know when you are ready to move and we will be there to serve and protect you.

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