image805561607.jpgThere is a huge amount of misinformation populating the Internet in regard to Short Sales in Santa Clarita and in the surrounding communities. We are above that and about unveiling the truth. And with the truth, you will be set free.
We have been developing sites populating with the ever popular pre-foreclosures otherwise known as "short sales". This site is offered by the Remax of Santa Clarita Paris911 Team. It is all inclusive and has our blog and you tube feeds on the home page.

When I called about this iHouse solution site today the sales representative looked up our presence on the Internet. He said I had such a great web profile that I did not need their resource. He sold me from his honesty. I wanted to develop a stand alone solution where I could feature my Sworn Short Sale blog on an independent website. iHouse was a great fit for the Paris911 team and for our current and future Short Sale Clients.
Scripture teaches us that there is nothing new under the sun. Although scripture does not say anything about short sales directly. We want it known what those contemplating a short sale are up against and we can help filter out some of the unnecessary noise.
Santa Clarita Short Sales
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