Who is listing your residential real estate and in what publications are they appearing?

Being on-line is one thing, while not an easy feat, our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita Valley has been blessed to have achieved page 1 results on most of the Search Engines, including the “almighty Google”, for almost all of the most used keywords and key phrases.

Try it for yourself:  Here is one that has over 33,000 local inquires:  Santa Clarita Real Estate Agents – type that into Google and see who’s local Realtor Brand is at the top of the Search Engines.

Back to the publications.  Most of the “larger” businesses of the world, the “union controlled” types have their publications.  That is where we have our brand appearing in full page form, color and with full force.

The reason for this and why this is more advantageous than putting our ads in news papers and within the real estate publications, is because everyone that gets this publication – Thin Blue Line – LAPD active and Retired – Over 25,000 members, can buy homes.  They have income – they either own or want to buy at some point.  Who do they call?  They have to be current or retired police officers, no one else is on the list…

They call The Paris911 Team at REMAX for good reason.  I was a full time LAPD officer, worked motors and taught a lot of different courses as well.  I remained a reserve for the past 5 years too.  I am known and blessed to be known by most of the 8700 person department of the LAPD.

We are also ever present in front of the men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in their A.L.A.D.S. Dispatcher. (more on that later – thanks for reading)…

REMAX of Santa Clarita publication print


Looking for all of the Santa Clarita real estate for sale and how we attract more buyers to our REMAX of Santa Clarita Paris911 Brand?  Click through on any of the listings posting on the map below.  You can zoom in closer to see more real estate listings too – when you click one of the listings see what happens.

That is why more buyers of real estate are introduced to our Sellers Real estate listings first before other local real estate agents.  Talk soon and thanks for reading…