Santa Clarita Realtors Google Places

When searching on-line for Santa Clarita Realtors – it is hard denying who comes up on page one – with the top local real estate brand in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Us, the Paris911 Team at REMAX – at least for today we are 🙂

Google changes quite often.  We have our exposure for our real estate sellers and real estate buyers where each of those interest groups is searching for real estate.

You will also see that we shut off the “personal results” so you are looking at as much of a “raw” search as possible.  However, not all people are going to see the results as I have photographed – but most will.

When wanting to buy a home – the brand you associate yourselves with is important.  We are the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA. We are on page 1 within Google in the Organic Search engine results pages, which is a benefit for our real estate buyers.

A benefit because the other local real estate agents know our brand, and they know how hard it is to get on the first page of Google.  Anyone can pay for placement in the sponsored results – However, no one can pay results in the “organic places”.

Have a look at our Main Santa Clarita real estate website for information about our latest endeavors and the way in which we are answering the questions that our local Santa Clarita real estate buyers and sellers are asking.