experts in Santa Clarita real estateWhen we are getting “pitched” by those who are selling pay per click advertising relative to our Santa Clarita real estate areas, we know they are not local because of statements like the following:

“Are you still selling selling real estate in Santa Clara?” -To John Q. Citizen – this is something that does not sound strange. To a Local Realtors, it does because the MLS – multiple listing service system, has ZERO inventory in the way of Santa Clarita real estate listings. They are split up by city name – and Santa Clarita is not a choice!

“Do you still take real estate listings in Santa Clarita?” -Same explanation – there is no Santa Clarita CA as far as the MLS system is concerned. While you will find a Los Angeles – Los Angeles is made up of various cities. So a Los Angeles real estate search is only going to pull you a few zip codes. If you want Reseda – you will have to ask for it, same with Chatsworth and the other SFV Cities. Santa Clarita Valley is very much the same when it comes to the specific naming of the cities herein. But only a Local Expert in real estate would know that.Real Estate in Santa Clarita

“When was the last time you sold a Santa Clarita home?” -Never – as far as the multiple listing service is concerned. It is split up by city name. Within those cities, we have the tracts, and within those Tracts we have various “areas” – Here they are:

Santa Clarita Valley City / Areas List April 2009


  • Acton …………….AC
  • Agua Dulce………ADUL
  • Canyon Country…CC
  • Castaic……………CA
  • Newhall……………NE
  • Saugus……………..SAU
  • Stevenson Ranch….SR
  • Valencia……………VAL


Acton (AC) Acton ACTO

Agua Dulce (ADUL) Agua Dulce ADUL

Canyon Country (CC) Canyon Country 1 CAN1 – Canyon Country 2 CAN2 – Canyon Country 3 CAN3 – Rainbow Glen RBGL – Sand Canyon SAND 

Castaic (CA) East Castaic ECAS – Hasley Canyon HASC – Hasley Hills HSHL – Hillcrest HILC – Live Oas LOAK – North Castaic NCAS – Northlake NLAK – Parker Road PRKR – Val Verde VVER 

Newhall (NE) Downtown Newhall DNEW – Newhall 1 NEW1 – Newhall 4 NEW4 – Newhall 5 NEW5 – Placerita Canyon PLAC 

Saugus (SAU) Bouquet Canyon BOUQ – Circle J Ranch CJRC – Copperhill North COPN – Plum Canyon PLUM 

Stevenson Ranch (SR) Stevenson Ranch STEV – South Stevenson Ranch SOSR 

Valencia (VAL) Valencia 1 VAL1 – Valencia Belcaro BCRO – Valencia Bridgeport VALB – Valencia Copperhill VALC – Valencia Creekside CRSD – Valencia North VALN – Valencia Northbridge NBRG – Valencia Northpark NPRK – Valencia Summit VSUM – Tesoro Del Valle TSRO – Valencia West Creek VLWC – Valencia West Hills WLWH – Valencia Westridge VWES – Valencia Woodlands VALW

Some of the Real Estate syndication websites do their best to get us to give up and start paying them for leads. But if I had a stick to shake every time one of our clients was upset with the misleading data they encountered on these sites – I would have a lot of sticks 🙂

These are all the cities and their respective areas in Santa Clarita Real estate. I can tell you price per square foot in each of these cities within the various areas. I am also able to let you know how much the market dipped during the last low cycle and what percentage we are off from peak prices!

Be safe – please reach out to me when you are ready and We will take great care of your Santa Clarita real estate needs. I’m Connor with REMAX of Santa Clarita and I’m glad to be of service!