Welcome to today’s blog where we will be discussing the current state of the Santa Clarita real estate market. Specifically, we will focus on foreclosures and distressed properties. While these types of properties can present opportunities for buyers, it’s important to understand the market dynamics and potential challenges involved. So let’s dive right in!

Santa Clarita Valley Market

Currently, there are 311 active listings in the Santa Clarita Valley. This number has been consistently over 300 for the past few days, indicating a healthy inventory. However, it’s important to note that despite the increase in listings, buyers are facing tough competition.

The spring market has kicked off, leading to a higher percentage of homes going into escrow and selling. While the market is still favoring sellers, the additional inventory should ideally provide some relief. However, the lack of available inventory due to sellers not having a place to go is a significant factor holding them back from listing their properties.

Many sellers are currently enjoying low interest rates, making them hesitant to move and face potentially higher rates. Exploring alternative options, such as assumable mortgages or equity-sharing startups, could be a solution for some buyers. However, caution is advised when considering these options, as they are relatively new and may have underlying complexities.

Foreclosures and Distressed Properties

Now, let’s shift our focus to foreclosures and distressed properties. During the last foreclosure cycle in 2007, the majority of foreclosures hit the market between 2011 and 2012. Currently, there are 8 distressed properties in the Santa Clarita Valley and 9 in the greater Antelope Valley.

It’s essential to understand the different types of distressed properties, including short sales, probate listings, and properties in foreclosure. Short sales involve owners selling their properties for less than what they owe. However, bank approval is required, and the bank sets the final sales price. Probate listings, on the other hand, require court approval, as there may not be a will or living trust in place.

While distressed properties can offer buyers an opportunity to find a good deal, it’s crucial to manage expectations. Banks have the final say in short sales, and probate properties often require additional court approval. Buyers should approach these properties with caution and seek professional advice to navigate the process successfully.


In conclusion, the Santa Clarita real estate market is currently experiencing a healthy inventory of homes. However, buyers need to be prepared for competition and potential challenges when considering distressed properties. The market dynamics for foreclosures, short sales, and probate properties require careful attention and professional guidance to ensure a successful transaction.

If you’re interested in exploring the Santa Clarita real estate market, whether as a first-time buyer, investor, or someone looking to sell, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to provide you with the necessary information and guidance to make informed decisions. Contact me today to get started!

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