Zillow real estate reviews can you trust themThere are always ways to “game” the review system.

In fact, we find that some amongst us in real estate are the worst culprits when it comes to having their friends, family and themselves review their real estate services.

One of the things I tell my kids is the most important part of any real estate process is the interviewing of the professional you may be hiring.

There are many ways in which to do this, but may I suggest the following methods to make sure you are doing it in the best way possible?

  • Interview in person – this way you will be able to see their mannerisms and body language to see if they are telling you the truth.
  • Interview in their office – this is important so you can see if they are working out of a box or somewhere else less impressive. This, in no way, means the agents without offices are less able to represent you. However, there is something to be said about success and those that have things to back it up.
  • Ask questions – When you are interviewing your next realtor, make sure their words match up to how they present themselves online. Further Info: See the questions to ask a Realtor when wanting to hire one

These simple rules will keep you safe when wanting to look to the agent review websites that are operated online.

This includes those real estate syndication websites like Zillow Santa Clarita real estate review sites.

Be safe and the edge is in the Knowing!

Reach out to my Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia when you are ready to move.