real estate newsToday we were hard at work finding and looking for real estate for our real estate buyers. One of the things that is most important is the “recon” that we do with each of the real estate listings we send.

Our clients do their own fair share of searching and many run into the roadblocks that are put in place by the real estate syndication websites.

Those real estate syndication websites, do their best to get our clients to give up who they are, but they(our real estate clients), have been “educated” to not give up any personal or private information.

They publish numbers of real estate listings that are not accurate!

They put properties that have sold as being active and for sale!

Some take those homes that are not on the market for sale and make them appear as if they are to trick our clients to give up who they are.

It’s cute to see how hard and how much money the agents we are in the business pay for leads.

They do this because they are unable to “add value” to their clients experience. We have over 1400 youtube videos that we have published about the real estate process.

The agents that are paying for your personal and private information, they are not giving any value to their real estate clients experience.

I will tout a minute – What about a daily real estate radio show? We do that with a 7 day a week format.

We also want to keep our clients updated with regard to real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We talk about the local real estate market and Santa Clarita real estate news as a part of each radio show episode.