How is the Santa Clarita housing marketThis is one of those questions we get frequently, “How is the Santa Clarita real estate market?”

People want to know things like how long is it taking to sell real estate listings? Is there a lot of homes for sale or are they scarce? Is it a sellers or a buyers real estate market? Is now the time to sell or buy a home?  What about moving up or downsizing, is that something to do in the present real estate market?  What are the interest rates – maybe I should buy or refinance my present mortgage?

Real estate is such a personal decision. However, I am your guide and I will “guide” you though any decision making processes that I have so many real estate clients.

Realistically, there are varying real estate markets in the Santa Clarita Valley and in the Greater Los Angeles / Southern California areas.

At one point, it maybe close to a low point in the real estate cycle for housing prices. And knowing, from past indicators, the market will be increasing again – maybe now is a good time to buy?

It could be that properties are close to a historical peak in Santa Clarita Valley and in Southern California area. However, with financing a bit relaxed and with low interest rates or creative financing, it maybe there is still more to climb and now maybe a good time to start considering selling.

Not all markets that increase in value collapse onto themselves and create a foreclosure cycle.

Not all market continue to increase in price and never level.

There are definite benefits to owing your own personal piece of the American dream.  I’m not even going to get into the “Tax Benefits” – I’ll mention the security – protection – and emotional benefits to owning real estate.

Whats yours is yours.  It’s a nice feeling to be able to take that statement to the umpteenth degree…

Maybe you want to invest like a seasoned pro in the real estate market. While most homeowners that we represent are a Real Estate buyers how is the markettype of “owner occupant” type of investor – making a full time job about real estate investing – that is an entirely different animal.

However – getting the answer to, “How is the Santa Clarita housing and real estate market doing?”, is a great start to you making the right decisions.

We have a system in place where we are able to give you this intel directly from the source data.

In fact, the system that I have build and pay for maintenance of will cover Santa Clarita Valley Cities – Greater Los Angeles and the other Cities in Southern California.

It will give the intel for a specific property owner that has a specific home they want to track the value of. The system will give the the constant feedback as to how the “current property is fairing” no matter what they of real estate market we are within. Hence, giving them a weekly answer to the question, “How is the real estate market?”

For an interested party – maybe a future or current real estate buyer / investor, our MS system also does just that for them but is more about a larger scale monitoring and ‘How in the local real estate market” rendering by zip code.

Step 1 sign up for the market snapshot Step 2 receive updates and listing information Step 3 - there is no step three


While we love to have our buyers and sellers keep abreast of the current Santa Clarita real estate market information, some don’t take the time to ask for it.

This is not a spam system for some “crazy” email drip campaign. This is data directly from the local Board of Realtors multiple listing service and is coming to you by way of Connor MacIvor (me).

I’m a REMAX in California Realtor and actually care about each and every client I have encountered during 1998, when I first started in the real estate business.

I am a strong believer that people make better decisions when they have all of the information. They can decide whether now is the best time to sell or whether they should stand down for another several months before having us do so.

That is what our Market Snapshot Reports are all about. When you are ready to see a “Sample Report” – I have that put together for you – I think you will be impressed!