How are you searching for real estate?  Have you been trapped by those out there that would have you spend your very last dollar and maybe $19.95 a month on a particular subscription.  Maybe you have gotten caught up in some other form of "Pay as you searchโ€ plan.

I can tell you this โ€“ if there are properties that are bank owned, Investment owned or otherwise corporate owned, they are all listed in the local Multiple listing service.  So when you search for Real Estate, you will find everything for sale, as long as it is for sale.

There is nothing special that someone is holding that would not be advertised on the market.  I would say we can obtain access for you โ€“ you can search for real estate at our different MLS search engines.  Another option is Listing Book which is another Resource that is offered by Paris911.

RE/MAX of Valencia and RE/MAX of Santa Clarita is our home and Real Estate is what we do.