Santa Clarita Valley Condo and town-home market updatesProtect yourselves when buying real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley

Santa Clarita Valley Single Family Housing update

Looking to last week to see where the local market are as a whole, we notice that with regard to Town-homes and Condos we don’t have a decrease, overall, with regard to Days on Market timeframes

In real estate the DOM – Days on Market, is something that is used as a gauge or indicator of overall market health. ย When the days on market are very short, that indicates that buyers are buying, and there is lacking real estate and housing inventory.

When the days on market are longer – that indicates that we are in a Buyers market, and the sellers are waiting much longer before they are getting offers that are “acceptable”.

When you are looking to get the market data within the Santa Clarita housing market – my suggestion is to keep abreast of all the Santa Clarita valley intel by heading over to the Top Santa Clarita real estate website.

While there, type the word “reports” into the MacboX at the top part of the screen. This will allow you to choose your very own real estate reports by email and you can have them broken down by city of choice.

You can also obtain the Santa Clarita valley cities housing reports for an overall city or have them broken down by Santa Clarita Zip Code.

It keeps our buyers and sellers informed when it comes to the real estate happenings and we hope it helps you too.

Let us know when you are ready to move and we will say “how high!!!” – (like that made any sense ๐Ÿ™‚ )