Local markets have been incredibly interesting, as of late.

We have seen in the Santa Clarita Valley, that home prices have continued to escalate.

The reason for this has to do with the lacking inventory in the local Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Both Paris and I, in conjunction with our buyers agents, have determined that the best course of action is to always work with local real estate agents.

We can determine this by simply a proof of the results that we been able to obtain for our real estate clients.

You see, whenever you enter the real estate market represented by someone that is unfamiliar with the area or from another city altogether, you run into issues.

It truly is the local real estate agents that are able to control the inventory, have the listings, and have the experience with the other local agents, that will give you the best benefit.

We have finally finished our market updates, you can gain access to them simply by going to our main Santa Clarita Valley real estate website, and typing into the Mac box at the top part of the screen the words market updates.

We do these on a weekly basis, and our clients are very happy to get them you can also obtain the market updates by email.

The access point for this is by sending a simple text message with the word: market 661-888-4424.

When you do so you will be able to choose the city within the Santa Clarita Valley that is of interest to you. You will then be able to choose either ZIP Code or a specific area that you have an interest in.

The reports will come to you every Monday and will be updated each and every week throughout the year.

Be safe, search well, and we hope to serve your real estate needs very very soon thank you so much for reading and thank you for watching the video on this page.