Afford 3k a month in house payment

Wondering where we will be with regard to our slimming inventory 40 days from today? I'm thinking that the current real estate sellers, that have to sell and want to buy again, are facing some horrible obstacles.

There are two things that may make this easier for the current sellers. If a real estate seller wants to sell their Valencia and or Santa Clarita Valley home to Step up to something larger, they are going to have a tough road to hoe.

It is because of our lacking real estate inventory the Valencia CA and Santa Clarita Valley real estate sellers are remaining on the fence when it comes to placing their homes onto the current market for sale.

We should publisize sometype of “Let's all list our homes on May 31, 2014, if you live in the Santa Clarita Valley cities….” That way the sellers would have increased inventory and we could make it where all deals are contingent on the sellers finding the property of their choice.

The photo in this article is based on a $3000.00 a month payment – Let us know when you are ready to move and if you want us to work out your payments at a specific purchase price or by payments alone to show you your Santa Clarita real estate buying power.

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