SantaClaritaHousingMarketWatchThanks for taking the time to check out our Santa Clarita real estate update where we have been monitoring the real estate market in the SCV Cities since 1998.

As you well know, we have just come through a “foreclosure/reo” real estate market. This caused the prices of homes to dip to an all time low during the end of 2011 and early 2012.

The “low point” was quite diverse and while California got theirs first – other states that are not as “high in demand” had experienced a low point too.

During the past several months I have been monitoring the Santa Clarita real estate inventory and I have seen an increase of just over 500 units for sale to almost 700.

That is a two hundred unit increase as it relates to Santa Clarita real estate.

However, try as it might, the market has not budged much from being in a Santa Clarita real estate seller’s market into a Buyer’s market in the SCV cities.

With our current “high buyer” demand for real estate and homes for sale, the sellers are still able to call their shots with regard to the prices they are demanding for the homes we are selling.

We will see how this plays out over the summer months, while the Summer in Santa Clarita Valley is the most active housing market with the highest buyer demand, it will taper off when we start entering the fall months in SCV.

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