Laptop workWhether buying or selling real estate, the internet can be a great starting point and a very useful tool, but should not be the extent of where you gather all of your information. The internet has made it incredibly easy to see what properties are for sale and what price properties are listed for. The ability to view individual Realtor websites, get information on local real estate, and learn about real estate in general is astounding. It is easier than ever to arm oneself with knowledge, the important thing is to know the difference between true and false.

Many listings found online portray photos and videos, some of which don’t do a home justice and some of which can be utterly misleading. Having physical contact with a home, walking through it and seeing in pluses and minuses is still a very important part of a real estate transaction.

Likewise, when selling a home don’t just depend on a real estate website to price your home. A competent real estate professional is in touch with the local market, knows what is selling, can provide accurate comps and issue a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) which will detail what your individual house should be listed at. Getting a few opinions in this case is a wise idea.

The internet is an invaluable tool for sellers and buyers but not all information should be taken as the gospel. An experienced Realtor, experienced lender, experienced inspector, and possibly even an experienced lawyer, are instrumental in completing successful real estate transactions.

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