We have just completed the Santa Clarita housing market updates, and there was a couple of surprises.Santa Clarita Top Listing Agents

The biggest one was the difference between the listing prices and the sales prices.

We have some people that are selling real estate that are getting sold a false bill of goods.

It maybe that they are getting their hopes up because of what some of the larger Real estate syndication websites are saying their Santa Clarita real estate is worth.

It maybe that they are hearing “bigger numbers” from the local Santa Clarita real estate agents that are attempting to Buy their Listing.

As an aside – “buying a listing” in real estate circles, means that an agent will purposely tell you that your Santa Clarita home is worth more than it is in order to have you list it with them.

This is known in Real Estate circles as Buying a listing.  It’s not “literal” – but it is “figurative”, used as a way to get the real estate seller to list with that specific agent because they are appealed to a person’s “greed factor”.

However, this can cause more harm than good.  We see the direct result in the example of Stevenson Ranch.  With over 60% change between list and sales price, that is a Huge Surprise in the current Housing market for the SCV cities.

Below are the Total Santa Clarita Valley cities reports by PDF.  You will see that we have combined the Santa Clarita real estate condo/townhome in one report and the Single Families within the Same PDF.

Thereby you getting a complete rendering of the local housing market so you can make better informed decisions.

If you are wanting to view the Santa Clarita Valley at a glance at any time to see where we are today.  I would ask you to check out our Santa Clarita Cities statistics pages.

Complete Santa Clarita City – Acton Market Report

Complete Santa Clarita City of Castaic Housing report

Complete Santa Clarita City residential report

Complete Santa Clarita real estate report for Newhall

Complete Stevenson Ranch housing market report updated