Single Family Homes in Santa Clarita Cities Housing Update

Santa Clarita Condo Housing Market Report

Top Santa Clarita real estate agentsWe are continuing to see the local markets starting to slow down due to the inventory that is being released each week.

On average, the Santa Clarita Valley real estate housing market is getting 12-25 new real estate listings per week.

This has created a “surplus” of real estate listings, causing buyers to take longer to make their Santa Clarita real estate decisions.

In fact, we have also seen an inordinate “BOM” rate – Back on Market. This is an indicator of a Sellers Market turning into a Buyer real estate market.

When we have our buyers out in force, looking at real estate listings, they are not “hurried” as the buyers of the past.

Some wanting to find the “perfect” property and not willing to settle for homes that are lacking what they want from a Santa Clarita real estate home purchase.

We have built three pages recently that I’d like to draw your attention to.

These have to do with specific Santa Clarita Real Estate tracts located in Valencia California. You will see the most recent listings first, followed by those that have a long DOM – Days on Market timeframe.

Enjoy our Santa Clarita real estate resources and we appreciate you taking the time to view our weekly real estate reports.

Be safe – Search well and let my REMAX of Santa Clarita team know when you are ready for our help. We promise not to disappoint you.