The local Santa Clarita Valley cities and the reports for the housing therein are contained within the Slideshare presentation above.

avoid traps in real estate manWe will also include the latest PDF reports below this text for your review.

One of the things that we talk about with the local real estate market is how our buyers are fairing and how our sellers are accomplishing what they want.

During the time of “foreclosures”, when they were a majority of the inventory, most buyers only wanted clean, and some didn’t even want that.

When the short sale market became the prevalent flavor of the day, they just wanted those homes to close faster than they were.

Today, with the investor pull back from the Real Estate market being a way to turn a profit, the owner occupant buyer is running the show.

Until late – the Santa Clarita real estate sellers, or sellers anywhere for that matter, were in charge of the real estate game.

That has started to turn, and the Buyers have started to control a bit more of the local real estate market.

Now, if you are a real estate owner, there is a way to keep tabs via our Santa Clarita real estate monitoring system.

This system takes it’s data directly from the Local Boards of Realtors within the Multiple Listing Service.  That is a totally different way than on the real estate syndication websites.  They glean their data from unsure sources, and that is the reason why most of their pricing estimates are far off from being accurate.

You can obtain our system by simply heading to the Southern California Housing monitoring system.

Santa Clarita Cities Housing market update