Searching for Homes and real estateSearching for Santa Clarita real estate for sale takes on several specific queries depending on the system you are using to do the searching.

Let me start with something that we have found valuable to provide for our real estate clients. I’m speaking of the Multiple Listing Service(MLS).

We have the real MLS system loaded onto our SCVnest website and within the other systems we have for our clients to use to search for Santa Clarita Real estate and the other Homes for Sale in California.

Santa Clarita real estate for sale is also available for you to view on the Real Estate syndication websites.

However, they lack the proper permissions to display every single real estate listing that happens to be for sale. They do have their workarounds, but it does not do our clients any justice, only provides additional frustration when they are searching for Santa Clarita real estate.

When we speak about the homes and real estate for sale in Santa Clarita Valley and elsewhere in Southern California, we have resources to search by various property types.

You can search for the three most common types of residential real estate in Southern California.

These are the following:

Single Family Homes –

Attached Single Family Homes – These are joined by a single wall, typically running down the middle of the property. Each home has it’s own front yard and it’s own back yard. Garages are usually in the front and front door access point is down the side or via a small courtyard in the front. Price per square foot on homes that are “attached” in nature are typically lower than the detached types of Single Family Homes!

Search for all Attached Single Family Homes

Detached Single Family Homes – This is one of the more common types of residential real estate for sale. As the name indicates, these homes are not attached to another and they are separate and stand alone structures. Some of the homes are built very close to each other, but if it’s not classified as a “Detached Condo”, then it will carry the classification of Detached Single Family Home.

Southern California Single Family homes for sale

Find all the Single Family Homes that are detached


Just when you thought you knew the meaning of the word and property classification, “Condominiums”, you may not 🙂

The closest thing I can compare, that covers the description of this type of Santa Clarita real estate, would have to be comparing a Condominium to an apartment.

Condos for sale in Southern California

Search for all Condominiums for Sale

Condo – having only one level and having common walls shared with other properties. The Ceiling and Floor could be shared with another unit as well.

Some of these types of properties started as apartments and then were converted to “resale” and sold to those who wanted to buy them instead of renting them.


The Townhomes are typically described as having multiple stories. It could be two or more.

Some of the complexes of townhomes in the SCV Cities have the garage on the lowest level – then two other levels of living space and bedroom living. 

Villas and Townhomes for Sale in Southern California

Search for all Townhomes for Sale

Some have a direct access garage to a lower landing level, then after a short climb, you are within the living area, living room, balcony access, kitchen and down the halls are the bedrooms.

Sharing walls is not uncommon with townhome living. However, sharing floors and ceilings is.

Door Knocking Investigations

When you are buying a home, condo or a townhome, it is very important to door knock those who are taking residence around you.

If you are buying a single family home, this is going to mean you interviewing all of those who are living around you that will impact your homeownership. Maybe one of your neighbors is a crazy person 🙂No better time to find out than before you buy the home!

Implement this Paris911/SCVnest strategy during the first few days after escrow opens. It is really important for every single home buyer in the world. Take everyone that is going to be living in the home, condo or townhome. Take those with you that will be visiting with you often. They all need to go with you when you start your door to door investigation!

Call me when you are ready for me to be of GREAT assistance with you and buying real estate in the Santa Clarita and in the REST of Southern California.