housing radio yellowWelcome to our Friday Finale installment of our Santa Clarita real estate radio show. This post is going to be for Santa Clarita radio show episode 2015-282.

I’m Connor MacIvor, your radio show host, working with REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia CA Offices which are head quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley of California.

During the week, we have a seven day a week format.

We have different avenues and systems that give our real estate buyers and sellers particular advantages when it comes to our local Paris911/SCVnest real estate team.

For example – on Wednesdays – we are all about the Real Estate owned properties and homes. We want to give you the intel related to the distressed housing market and the best ways in which to use that to your advantage, whether buying or selling real estate.

We have The following inventory for sale in the following Top Areas and Neighborhoods:

Todays real estate number roundup

We are currently tracking the following real estate intel for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, where our REMAX of Valencia offices are headquartered.

Santa Clarita Valley currently has 662 total active real estate listings for sale. However, if you are working with us we are accessing the data directly from over 1250 real estate listings that are not only in the active realm. We want to make sure our clients have all of the real estate information and data. Also, we get Blessed from time to time when we call at the moment a property is going to available again, after escrow is cancelled.

During the past week we have added 103 real estate listings to the current real estate inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. We also are seeing that 85 real estate listings have had their prices changes – that is where a majority of the 85 were reductions in listing price to listing price (see our real estate intel we sent to a couple we are working with that is buying new housing)

I have been keeping my eye on the 38 real estate listings that have fallen out of escrow, during the past 7 days as they have been cancelled. These listing types are great to be researching for our real estate clients – watching and waiting to jump on them at the moment we have the green light of availability!

The “escrow active” listings are as follows. Explanation of real estate statuses! During the past seven days in the Santa Clarita Valley, I have seen that 69 real estate listings have entered the backup status of escrow. 43 real estate listings have entered the pending status of escrow and we have 83 real estate listings that have sold and closed escrow.

A client recently asked about their new home purchase, where we are representing them, wanting to know how the current “resale market” is going. This was my response to their question:

The market is showing signs of relaxing. But prices are not reducing, they are merely becoming more stable.
During the past couple of months we have gone from 750 units for sale to 100 less – hovering at 650. Turn back the clock to February 2015 and we had no more than 500 units for sale for the preceding 18 months.
Example – three months ago a home that was priced at 330k, sold for 310k.
Today, the home that same home is priced at 320 is selling for the same price of 310.
The prices are not reducing from sales price to sales price – they are reducing from listing price to listing price. Sales prices are holding firm.
Inventory has also been reducing, instead of increasing, that is keeping the market in a strong seller’s position.
You guys are doing good thus far!!!
 I love it when our clients want updates. We also have a system in place where you are able to monitor the real estate activity by a particular property address of within a certain community.
That should do it for today’s Santa Clarita real estate radio show and our Friday Finale Broadcast.
You must reach out to me when you are ready to do anything that is real estate. I’ll be here for you as I have been for so many others.