Happy Santa Clarita buyers buying a homeDuring our AM update, which is more commonly known as Market Mondays, we see the current inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley cities is increasing ever so gently.

Yet, there is not an abrupt placing of real estate onto the present market.

In fact, while our numbers are up in most of the Santa Clarita Valley cities, with available listings, we are no where close to a balanced real estate market.

The sellers of Santa Clarita Cities real estate are ruling the current realty market.

However, we do notice that buyers are getting more of “what they want” in being able to find more available listings than they had access to before recent times.

They are able to choose from multiple real estate listings that are within their price ranges, but with buyer demand still high, movement from buyers and their agents has to be quick.

Rememember, by Quick I mean within a couple of days from the point the listing enters the real estate market for sale.

The due diligence should be completed by your agent as far as a good offering price should have been completed by your realtor.

You should have taken the time to view the property that is listed for sale. All of your lending paperwork, Fico scores, proof of funds, and pre qualification/approval letters should be ready to be sent.

You should also consider writing a “person to person” letter from yourselves as the interested buyer to the sellers, in order to include some “humanness” related to the home you want to purchase. Thereby, creating a more than “cold and withdrawn” relationship that typically exists in real estate transactions.

However, with your letter, don’t go too far. It’s okay to love the home. But it may be an overstatement to say you, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AND CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THE HOME!!!!

Especially when you may be offering lower than listing price for the home you LOVE X 10! 🙂