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The question comes in from one of our past clients who has a friend that is an “Agent” but not a “Realtor”, they want to know what that means.

In the world, there are those people who have passed the state exam to become a “state licensed” real estate agent.

These agents are not members of the “Realtor” trade organization.

Being a “Realtor” is like having a governing body that keeps some(those that need it) agents inline and from straying from the rules that have been established and agreed to by their following.

It’s not only a police mechanism, but it is a training and educational tool. It’s a body that sets forth basic to advanced standards and training for each member. These “members” are “Realtors”.

Agents, they exist in the world and are not titled “Realtors” because they are not interested in membership or because they have not been allowed access due to some “event” that clouded their veracity and code.

With almost 1,000,000 Licensed Realtors in the world, and probably twice as many agents, that’s a lot of agents in the game of real estate representation.

The average Santa Clarita real estate agent may close 4-7 transactions a year. This means the average SCV Realtor sells, (buyer or seller representation) side, 4-7 homes a  year. Homes – include Attached and detached Single Family Residences, condos or townhomes.

That’s it – by no means staggering.

Top Producing Santa Clarita real estate agents (realtors – us), sell in the “hundreds” of homes a year.

Being an agent that works with that many buyers and sellers mandates we are always on the cutting edge of real estate technology.

It also requires we keep in contact with those whom we have worked with in the past.

We always have to generate content for the online channels where people inquire about “Santa Clarita real estate agents”. It’s very important to produce various types of media that helps people whether they want to buy or sell residential real estate.

Radio Show for Santa Clarita real estate

YouTube channel for Santa Clarita real estate

We also need to populate other forms of media for the benefit of our sellers and real estate buyers, in the Santa Clarita Valley and within the Greater Los Angeles / Southern California Areas, where we serve them.

Being a Santa Clarita real estate agent, that’s easy. Being a Santa Clarita real estate Realtor, that’s a bit more difficult.

But, being a Top Producing Santa Clarita Valley Realtor – there are only a few and we are one.

Welcome to SCVnest – I’m Connor MacIvor of Paris MacIvor 🙂 – We are The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita  –  REMAX of Valencia. We are proud to be of service to you.